Three Dead, Several Injured After Church Attack in France

French police “neutralised” and arrested a man Thursday morning after a knife attack inside a church in the city of Nice which left at least three dead and several injured.

The mayor of Nice did not mince his words when he spoke to the television cameras Thursday morning, reports local newspaper Nice Matin, revealing that the attacker “would not stop repeating ‘Allahu akbar’ while he was injured”.

Declaring that “enough is enough”, mayor Christian Estrosi said Nice was “paying too heavy a price by once again being victims of Islamo-fascism”.

By once again, the city mayor was almost certainly referring to the 2016 Nice attack, in which an Islamist terrorist drove a high-powered delivery truck through crowds of revellers celebrating France’s national day, killing 86 people along the beachfront.

Today’s attack also comes in the context of intensified Islamist activity in France in recent weeks. Less than two weeks ago, a French history teacher was beheaded in front of his own school after he showed cartoons of Mohammed to his class to illustrate a talk on freedom of expression. The French government reacted to the killing with unusual determination, closing a local mosque that had agitated against the victim before he was killed, and arresting dozens who celebrated the attack.

These actions have not gone down well with some in the Muslim world, however, with France’s response to Islamist murders and terror attacks starting a war of words between the nation and Muslim majority countries Turkey and Pakistan, as well as Palestinian leaders.

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