THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Humble Petition presented to Cromwell

On this day in history, 31 March 1657, Members of Parliament met Oliver Cromwell at the Banqueting House in Whitehall to present the ‘Humble Petition and Advice’ and to offer him the Crown.

Oliver Cromwell was formally presented with the Humble Petition and Advice of the knights, citizens and burgesses now assembled in Parliament ‘that your Highness will be pleased to assume the name, style, title, dignity and office of King of England, Scotland and Ireland and the respective Dominions and Territories thereunto belonging; and to exercise the same according to the laws of these nations’. 

The presentation ceremony took place in the Banqueting House at the Palace of Whitehall.

There followed six weeks of agonising and debate until 8 May when Protector and Parliament assembled again in the Banqueting House for Oliver’s final answer.

Cromwell declined their offer to take the crown and to be officially named King, a title that would have passed to his eldest son upon Cromwell's death.


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