There's No Business Like Shoah Business

Keep your wallet open, because another grifter has joined the endless queue for handouts! The papers today are full of headlines about the Jewish father who plans to sue after his baby daughter's birth certificate was allegedly returned from the Passport Office ripped with the birthplace of Israel scratched out.

Mr. Israel is at present saying he plans to sue the individuals responsible - implying that the Passport Office is staffed by a whole gang of petty bigots. But just wait and see how his complaint morphs into a claim against the British state for employing such monsters in the first place.

It was former Israeli foreign minister, Abba Eban, who first mocked the way in which the Holocaust (aka "Shoah") is exploited for financial gain with his quip that "There's no business like Shoah business". His cynical view is all too clearly supported by the way in which so many Jews so ruthlessly exploit the eighty-years-old Holocaust story to excuse 21st Century mass murder and to demand money, both for the Zionist war machine and for their own pockets.

If a baby's birth certificate was defaced, that was obviously childish and wrong. But to claim it hurt so much that the family need compensation is ridiculous. And for the MSM to exploit the incident to produce news stories about a "return of Nazi-level anti-Semitism", while ignoring the daily murder of hundreds of babies in Gaza is utter despicable. 

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