Tesco Security Tag CHEESE!

Many Brits apparently thought that two years of ruinously expensive lockdowns, followed by suicidal sanctions against Russia, wouldn't affect them. As we plunge into the most uncomfortable and poverty-stricken winter this side of the Second World War, they're finding out that real life doesn't work like that.

In the latest sign of the times, security guards in some West Country Tescos have resorted to putting security tags on its cheese amid fears that cash-strapped customers could try to steal it during the cost-of-living crisis. 

One customer at a Tesco Express in Taunton, Somerset, noticed 'security protected' stickers were being put on a number of cheeses at the supermarket giant - including its own brand product. 

Meanwhile, a member of the security staff at the Priorswood Road branch was seen 'slapping' the rags on cheeses in the chiller, which will set off the alarm if somebody exits the store with paying. 

The shopper took a photograph of the dairy products which shows that the Double Gloucester Cheddar and Extra Mature Cheddar have both been tagged, according to Somerset Live. 

The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: 'This really is a sign of the times. Having recently seen security tags on milk in Cornwall and now on own brand cheese in Somerset, it makes you wonder how desperate people are becoming if supermarket chains are having to take such measures. 

'The security guard was in the store with a roll of the sticky security tags slapping them on the cheese in the chiller. It's tragic to think some people may be resorting to stealing such basic dairy items.'

It comes just a few days after surprised shoppers in Cornwall found milk products were security tagged after a staff member said they had suffered thefts. 

Meanwhile, some of the milk bottles in the Tesco Extra store in Pool, near Camborne, had individual plastic security tags attached. 

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