Telford: 1000 girls groomed which authorities ignored due to 'racism' fears

An independant inquiry has confirmed more than 1,000 children have been groomed in Telford, with obvious child sexual exploitation ignored by the authorities.

The report has also concluded that exploitation was not investigated because of nervousness about race.

The vast majority of perpetrators were Pakistan Muslim men targeting white British girls, often the most vulnerable in society.

Key agencies dismissed child exploitation as "child prostitution" and blamed children, not the perpetrators.

Teachers and youth workers were discouraged from reporting child exploitation and offenders were emboldened, with exploitation continuing for decades.

The Independent Inquiry into Telford Child Exploitation has been investigating widespread grooming in the town from 1989 to the present day.

It found the men would meet girls, either in the street or in their role as taxi drivers or food delivery drivers, and persuade them to be their "girlfriend".

They would give the children lifts, buy alcohol and cigarettes for them and then persuade them to engage in sexual activity. Children were led to believe this was normal behaviour.

Violence and the threat of violence were common.

Girls would be driven to remote locations at night and threatened with abandonment unless they engaged in sexual activity. Gang rape was not unusual.


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