SNP Cops Caught Lying on Crime

The Scottish Daily Express has obtained a list of crimes that can be dealt with under Scotland's soft-touch Recorded Police Warning (RPW) system. The list was leaked by a serving Police Scotland officer who is disgusted at the SNP's Hate Crime Act.

Holyrood opponents said the revelation shows SNP Ministers had "lied to the public" when they repeatedly said RPWs – an alternative to prosecution which critics describe as a "free pass" for criminals – would only be used for "very minor offences".

Although the warnings have been in place since 2016, the rules around their use and application have always been kept a closely-guarded secret. However, we can reveal the list of "permitted crimes/offences" includes assault, fraud, fire-raising, shop-lifting and threatening or abusive behaviour.

The whistleblower said the scope was expanded under new guidance from the Lord Advocate last year. Then he went on to point out that the Softly Softly policing operation only applies to real criminals, and not to people who offend against politically correct dogma: "Keep in mind, any crime that features an aggravation for the new protected characteristics can't be disposed of by the way of an RPW and must be reported to the procurator fiscal."

Under the Hate Crime Act, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation and transgender status are now protected characteristics alongside race. The officer said: "Example one - Jim (victim) John (perpetrator). Jim walks down the street and gets punched in the face by John - John is eligible for an RPW. Example two - John walks down the street and says 'Good morning sir' to Jim. Jim identifies as a female and reports to police. John is not eligible for an RPW and must be reported to the procurator fiscal."

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