Sajid Javid says FIFTH Covid Vaccine coming this Autumn

Britain's Covid booster vaccine programme is gearing up for another round of jabs this autumn, the Health Secretary has revealed.

Fourth jabs will be dished out to all over-75s, care home residents and patients with weak immune systems. 

Sajid Javid has now confirmed that millions more may be eligible for top-up doses later this year, ahead of the country's third 'Covid winter'.

Grilled about the topic on ITV's Peston programme, he did not specify exactly who would be invited in any roll-out this autumn. However, he said there may be a 'need to give a lot more people a boost'.

When asked if the booster drive would be widened to the general population, Mr Javid said: 'I think at some point they will.'

He claimed the Government would follow the advice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), a panel of scientists that advise No10

Mr Javid insisted the group had been 'clear', adding: 'Their most recent advice is they think towards the end of this year, maybe in the autumn, there will be a need to give a lot more people a boost, an offer of a boost. But I'll wait for that advice.'



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