Sadiq Khan's Folly Sparks Non-Violent Direct Action

The arrogance of London Mayor Sadiq Khan and his war on cars is pushing some Londoners to acts of non-violent direct action. The fury is spurred on by a widespread understanding that intensive surveillance technology is not jut about imposing unfiar and unaffordable taxes, but is also about social control and elite tyranny.

Such concerns have seen newly-installed ultra low emission zone (ULEZ) cameras in south London have been vandalised as the backlash to the planned expansion of the zone continues to grow. 

Four cameras in Abbey Wood, Greenwich, were photographed with their wires cute and lenses painted black as the level of opposition of Sadiq Khan's planned expansion of the ULEZ zone grows, with politicians and campaigners urging him to change his mind. 

The damaged Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras belong to Transport for London (TfL), and are set to monitor the ULEZ zone. Photographs have emerged of a camera in west Sutton, which also had its wires cut, and another in Catford, Lewisham, with a lens painted black in a bid to obstruct its view. Others also show cameras ripped from their perch and thrown on the ground.   

It comes after an increase of similar instances in the capital, with an extra 300 ANPR cameras recently installed. A further 2,750 will be installed by the official launch date. 

The London Mayor has said the expansion, set to take place to cover the whole of the capital from August 29, is aimed at reducing the amount of air pollution in London. Millions of drivers see it all just as an excuse for a new wave of taxation, while people woken up by the struggle against WEF lockdowns and jab mandates see it as a fresh attack on basic freedoms.

Khan and the rest of the World Economic Forum puppets in government need to see that forcing people into actions like this is very harmful to the proper ordering of society. They need to back down from imposing these unjust and plainly totalitarian diktats before they do any more damage.

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