Sadiq Khan blames the heatwave & school holidays for London murders

Sadiq Khan has suggested that London's recent spate of violent crime is due to longer days, school holidays and summer heatwaves.

The mayor of London was speaking after six murders had been reported in the capital in less than a week.

The surge in violence included the stabbing of 87-year-old Thomas O'Halloran, who was killed on his mobility scooter after daylight attack in Greenford, west London, on Tuesday.

Addressing the surge in violence, Mr Khan told LBC on Thursday: 'We have seen over the last few days, the last week, a number of awful homicides.

'I'm afraid this summer we are seeing what we feared, which is an increase in violent crime... there are longer daylight hours, school holidays, a heatwave and so forth.

'We are working with the police to suppress that violence.'

When asked about what measures were being taken to stop the wave of violence, he  said authorities were supporting communities to keep young people busy in the summer with constructive activities. 

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