Reparations Priest Supported Trans Jesus Claim

British taxpayers should pay the Caribbean £205 Billion in slavery reparations. That's the outrageous claim made by the Dean of Trinity College Cambridge Dr Michael Banner.

Based on the compensation claims made by slave owners when the trade was first abolished in 1833, and adding compound interest, the theologian says the total owed should be £205billion

Banner has urged the Scottish Government to 'show leadership' on the issue and start paying back its share of £20.5billion. 

Banner says that Scotland should seize the initiative due to presenting itself as more liberal than the remainder of the UK. 

'It's well-known Scots played an outsized part in growing and sustaining the British empire, and Glasgow was in particular closely tied up with Caribbean trade,' he said.  

'Scotland now has an opportunity to show leadership once again on the side of right, by recognising the compelling case for making reparations to the nations and people of the Caribbean.' 

He added: 'The British Government has consistently failed to face up to this responsibility. Scotland can show the way.'

The theologian based the amount he believes the UK should pay back on more than £40million of compensation slave owners said they were due when the trade was first abolished, even though they received half of that at £20million. 

'We know the people living in the Caribbean now – the people asking for reparations – are the inheritors of those who were wronged,' he said. 

Conveniently, he completely ignores the fact that it was Britain that abolished slavery, and that the Royal Navy lost thouands of men in the forty year campaign to stamp it out. Likewise, he makes no mention of the fact that Muslims, Jews, African chiefs and other colonial powers were also involved in the wicked trade.

In 2022 Banner publicly defended the views of a post-doctoral junior named Joshua Heath, a Junior Research Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, who had preached a sermon in the College chapel in which he (not Banner) had suggested that the wounds of Jesus had a "vaginal appearance" and that the body of Christ "is also the trans body." Throughout the sermon he drew attention to "Christ's penis" as well what he called the savior's "vulvic side wound." He stated that Christ's "deeds could be interpreted as showing phallic virility" as well as "yonic fecundity." He reimagined the story of Catherine of Siena drinking from Christ's wound as an erotic experience in which her thirst is "slaked" on the crucified Lord.[5] Worshippers reportedly left in disgust at the end of the service, and one sent a letter of protest to Banner. Banner was quoted in the Times as saying the preacher's views were a "legitimate" treatment of medieval artistic representations of the crucifixion and that his own response was then “grossly misrepresented

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