Privatised Water Companies Pollute for Profit

With the Royal Mail set to fall into the hands of a foreign asset-stripper, the state of Britain's privatised water companies shows us exactly where this rip-off system gets us.

Britain's greatest beauty spots and most stunning waterways are being continually polluted by water companies who say it is 'not cost beneficial' to upgrade the network to prevent leakage in half of all cases.

In the last year alone, beauty spots in Cumbria, the Cotswolds, Cornwall and Sussex have all seen enormous sewage spills blighting the lives of residents and desecrating the natural environment.

Earlier this month, it was revealed million of litres of raw sewage had 'illegally pumped' into Lake Windermere in the Lake District after a fault.

The 'shocking' revelations today sparked fury with River Action UK founder Charles Watson saying it underpinned how the water industry was run to raise shareholder profits instead of for the public.

Data analysis by MailOnline shows water firms decided there was 'no cost beneficial solution' to prevent 280 discharge sites in England that, due to lack of capacity, pumped untreated sewage into rivers and seas for hundreds of hours last year.

The 280 sites across the country comprise 48 per cent of 582 offending sites - which discharged for a total of nearly 375,000 hours last year - where a decision on whether to resolve the issue or not has been made.

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