Pope John Paul II Statue Vandalised at Pro-Abortion Protests in Poland

A statue Pope John Paul II have been vandalised in Poland in recent days, with the attacks in both cases linked by Polish media to pro-abortion protests gripping the country.

A statue of the former pope was daubed with red paint. The pope was a pivotal figure in Poland’s emergence from communism into becoming a free, democratic nation and is generally well regarded in the country.

The acts of vandalism come against a background of protests in Poland over last week’s ruling by their supreme court on abortion.

Terminations of a life are now only available where the child was conceived through rape or incest, or where the mother’s life would be placed at risk by continuing with the pregnancy.

Left-wing activists have called the change an attack on women and have launched protests that are now in their seventh day.

The Polish government, for their part, have accused the protesters of attacking Poland itself, of pandering to a political minority, and of putting lives at risk by protesting in large numbers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Beyond street marches and a “women’s strike” — where women refuse to work, go to school, or do housework — some more direct action has also taken place, with activists blaming the Catholic Church for having influenced the government.

Church services were disrupted in Poland on Sunday, and some vandalism took place, which has prompted the creation of a volunteer ‘National Guard’ group which says it will protect churches from further attacks.

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