Police "Too Woke to Catch Criminals"

More than four in ten of us believe police are more interested in 'wokeness' than catching criminals, a survey suggests. Presumably, that tells us that more than half of Britain's population don't think at all!

The public are under the impression that – barring murders and traffic offences – officers do not treat crimes seriously enough, the poll found.

Voters blame woke policing and the cost of living squeeze for driving up crime, according to the study from consultancy Public First and think-tank More in Common. 

The survey also found that 68 per cent believe the police have given up on trying to solve crimes such as shoplifting and burglaries altogether.

And 81 per cent of the public think the police need to be held more accountable for bad behaviour.

The National Police Chiefs' Council previously announced that officers in England and Wales would attend every burglary.

Home Office figures show just 3.2 per cent of 200,000 sexual assaults resulted in a charge.

But the latest Crown Prosecution Service figures show that the volume of suspects charged with rape has risen in five consecutive quarters.

The study found support for more on-the-spot fines for people found guilty of antisocial behaviour such as vandalism or drug-taking.

And respondents also indicated support for community schemes for the perpetrators of antisocial behaviour with bespoke punishments that made them responsible for the damage caused by their actions.

The most popular of these were instant fines, and making people pick up litter or clean graffiti.

Focus groups in working class areas largely said the levelling up agenda was pointless without a robust plan to tackle crime.

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