Police Standby as Hundreds of BLM Protesters Gather in London

Police in London were seen standing by and watching as hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in apparent violation of the city’s China virus restrictions, despite forcibly cracking down on other protests over the weekend.

On Sunday, hundreds of BLM activists took to the streets of London to denounce police brutality and to stand in ‘solidarity’ with the #EndSars movement in Nigeria.

Police were filmed standing by as the crowds gathered in the British capital. Police presence was also very light in comparison to what was witnessed at an anti-lockdown march held the day before, on Saturday.

The BLM protesters amassed by Marble Arch in Hyde Park in the early afternoon, before marching through Oxford Circus to the Nigerian High Commission, Scotland Yard, and finally congregating Parliament Square.

Outside Scotland Yard — the home of the city’s police force — an activist told the crowd that the police are “racist” and that they don’t care about the lives of black people.

“Anywhere we go, can’t lie, we are going to face police brutality. And we have to remember, we speak about the U.S., right? But we need to speak about this country and the brutalities they put upon us,” she said.

“The UK is not innocent at all guys, not innocent at all,” she concluded.

Later in the protest, another activist was filmed calling for black people to continue mass gatherings and urging them to protest and speak for their “skin colour”.

He went on to claim that black people “built the West”,  arguing that the only reason British cities like Bristol are flourishing is because of colonialism.

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