Police Chief defends giving anonymity to officers sacked for having sex on duty

Cambridgeshire police chief has defended the decision to give anonymity to two police officers after they were dismissed for gross misconduct for having sex with each other multiple times in different locations whilst on duty.

The Cambridgeshire Police pair, referred to only as Pc A and Pc B 'due to concerns about their mental health', admitted the sexual conduct 'occurred on a number of occasions and at differing locations', a misconduct hearing was told.

Chief Constable Nick Dean (pictured above) has defended the decision to keep their identity private, for their 'welfare'.

'Each case is assessed as to the level of information that is placed within the public domain,' he said. 

'Transparency is important in such cases, and whilst it is accepted that the specific names of officers may well be sought, it is important to consider the welfare of each officer and the specifics of each case.'

The two officers were found to have breached standards of professional behaviour and were dismissed without notice for gross misconduct following a private hearing on April 21.

The hearing was told Pc B had resigned from the police service before the hearing.

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