Paedophile Wakefield MP Imran Ahmed Khan sentenced to just 18 months

A pitiful sentence.

Imran Ahmed Khan, the former Wakefield MP convicted of molesting a child, has been sentenced...

He ONLY got 18 months!

That means he will only serve 9 months in jail before he is released back into the public.

Now please consider this...

British Freedom Party Leader, Jayda Fransen, was FORCED to serve 9 months in prison for EXPOSING and CONFRONTING a gang of men who raped a child.

Can you imagine how this must make Jayda feel?

Knowing that she was forced to serve the same amount time in jail as a convicted paedophile.

What an injustice!

Jayda is standing in the upcoming Wakefield by-election to expose the paedophiles and perverts in power!

The election is less than one month away!

Let's ALL get behind Jayda's campaign!

We have already paid the £500 fee for Jayda to stand as a Candidate

This is what we are still fundraising for:

  • Royal Mail Official Leaflet
  • Door-to-door Campaign Leaflets
  • Campaigning Transport

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