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The Conservative Party boasting about installing defibrillators in every school in the country. When we saw this we had to check whether it was a genuine tweet or a piece of 'black propaganda' by some anti-vaxer with a sense of humour and a callous disregard for the truth.

So now we can tell you that this Tweet is real. The Conservative government really is pouring taxpayers' money into putting defibrillators into even primary schools. And they are the ones showing callous disregard for the truth as they spread the fake news that having significant young children keeling over with heart attacks is in any way 'normal'.

Because, of course, it isn't. Tragic sudden deaths among children and young adults were something which always occurred - but so infrequently that the very rare instances were big news, and most definitely didn't call for special equipment to be put in every school. The explosion of cases of youthful heart problems in the last two years, however, has changed all that.

But rather than admit to the blindingly obvious - that this is the result of forcing children to be vaccinated against a disease which was never any threat or danger to them - the Sunak regime launches this gruesome and hideously expensive charade. In doing so, they will scare and worry huge numbers of young children. Just another of the ways in which these swine are depriving our children of their innocence and carefree happiness.

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