No ULEZ Charge for Super Rich!

The hated 'green' ULEZ charges being imposed on ordinary motorists in London won't affect many of the city's super rich. Shocking revelations about how gas guzzling super cars will be exempt from the tax war on drivers have sparked renewed fury among critics of London Mayor Sadiq Khan and his role out of the WEF policy.

Whereas someone with a 1.2litre Fiat Punto from the turn of the century faces a £12.50 daily charge - even though it is far more fuel efficient and produces considerably less carbon dioxide - a new Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge, with its 6.75litre petrol engine producing almost 600bhp, is welcomed into Mayor Sadiq Khan's low emissions zone - despite pumping out 380g/km of carbon dioxide.

According to data supplied by the Vehicle Certification Agency, the Roller - which can set you back more than £500,000 - will return around 9.8 miles per gallon while pottering along the King's Road. 

Meanwhile, owners of the likes of the Daihatsu Curore, Suzuki Swift and Fiat Punto from the turn of the century - which travel between 50-53 miles while burning a gallon of petrol - will be driven to the breaker's yard or cost their owners £12.50 per day for motoring through the majority of the area inside the M25. 

From August 29, the current Ulez zone is expanding from the North and South Circular Roads and out towards the boundary of the M25. 

Howard Cox, founder of FairFuelUK believes Ulez is an attempt to squeeze cash from hard-pressed motorists. 

He told MailOnline: 'It’s beyond belief that if you drive a gas guzzling £100k Euro 6 car that generates more CO2 emissions than a 10 years old diesel hatchback, you don’t have to pay ULEZ. 

'Sadiq Khan’s vanity cash grabbing plan will hit low income drivers and small businesses hardest. But if you are rich it will mean nothing. 

'His ignorance and ego can’t get any larger as he continues to destroy our capital city for a green ideal that will never be realised.'

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