No British Blood for Israel!

5,000 British soldiers are now at risk of being thrown at a moment's notice into any of Nato's international quarrels. Meanwhile, Royal Navy and RAF personnel face finding themselves on a deadly front-line in the Red Sea. And NONE of these foreign quarrels has ANYTHING to do with Britain or British interests.

The threat to our service personnel and our taxes has been highlighted again in a series of X posts by UK Foreign Secretary Grant Shapps.

As well as boasting of the 5,000 soldiers now poised to front for Nato, Shapps says that "Britain" is considering air strikes on Houthi rebels in the Red Sea.

He the Government would not hesitate to take “direct action” to prevent further attacks amid reports the UK and US are preparing a joint statement to issue a final warning to the Yemeni group.

The Houthis has spent recent years fighting the  Nato-backed Saudi military to a standstill in their defence of Yemen from foreign interference. Now they have further incurred Western wrath by saying that they will target Israeli-linked ships sailing through the Red Sea in retaliation for Israel's war on Gaza.

Since all other ships are free to pass unhindered, this quarrel between Jews and Muslims has absolutely NOTHING to do with Britain. If the Israeli government don't like it they can either stop destroying Gaza or use their own navy and airforce against the Houthis. But, unfortunately for us, Grant Shapps is clearly more interested in helping his cousins in Israel than in fulfilling his duties as British Foreign Secretary.

Mind you, Rishi Sunak and all the gentiles in the UK government are no better. Even those without Shapps' own blood ties to Israel are tied instead by their lust for money and hope of sympathetic headlines in our Zionist-dominated mass media.

So, yet again, we run a very real risk of being dragged into yet another disastrous and ruinously expensive foreign conflict. Already, a Royal Navy missile costing £2 million has been used to shoot down a Houthi drone, costing £2,000. Consider that the Houthis make their own drones and have a limitless supply - how do you think this is going to pan out? And can you not think of a better way to use potentially billions of pounds of our taxes here in Britain, rather than on meddling in a conflict between two groups who both hate us as much as they hate each other?

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