Nine Met Police officers fined £200 each for breaking lockdown restrictions

Nine Met Police officers have been fined for breaching lockdown rules to meet at a cafe while on duty.

Pictures emerged showing officers from the South East Basic Command Unit eating at The Chef House Kitchen Cafe Greenwich, on 9 January.

All nine officers have been issued with a £200 fixed penalty notice.

Ch Supt Rob Atkin said in response to this:

“It is right that they will pay a financial penalty and that they will be asked to reflect on their choices.

Police officers are tasked with enforcing the legislation that has been introduced to stop the spread of the virus and the public rightly expect that they will set an example through their own actions.

It is disappointing that on this occasion, these officers have fallen short of that expectation.”

The group were spotted by a member of the public in the Greenwich cafe while their patrol vehicles were parked outside.

Legislation dictates that cafes and restaurants are only allowed to provide a takeaway service.

Source: Unity News Network

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