Nigel's Very Strange Friend

The British media are all covering the controversial NatCon meeting in Brussels yesterday, where Nigel Farage headlined various supposedly 'National Conservative' speakers - thanks to a last minute legal challenge to the attempt by the Socialist mayor to ban the event.

But anyone who takes this at face value is being very naive. These people pose as the grassroots challengers to the liberal elite, but this simply isn't true, they're bought-and-paid-for too. Classic controlled opposition.

Take Farage's GB News platform. Despite its growing popularity, it still lost £42 million last year alone. It's kept afloat by its owner Sir Paul Marshall, a hedge fund manager whose business was launched thanks to a £50 million loan from none other than George Soros.

And look at who spoke side-by-side with Nigel yesterday: Frank Furedi (pictured). Nowadays, Furedi poses as a libertarian conservative, but his Spiked Online operation was originally known as Living Marxism. This was set up by the Revolutionary Community Party, which was founded by Furedi in the 1970s and a time when the Trotskyite movement was dominated by Jewish radicals such as him and SWP founder Tony Cliff, real name Ygael Gluckstein.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the RCP concluded that - thanks to 'reformist' institutions such as the welfare state - the working class in the West were too much involved with the system to be revolutionary material, so they agreed to change their angle of attack and reinvent themselves as libertarians.

Smashing up the welfare state and privatising the ruins naturally appeals to finance capitalists like Farage and his big money backers. But it also appeals to the 'former' Communist 'libertarians', because they believe that the only thing that can make the masses inclined to revolution again is pain, and plenty of it.

The primary agenda of this entire fake 'right-wing', however, is much more simple: It's part of a drive to create a full spectrum lobbying operation to shill for Israel as the Zionist state sets about its long-planned Final Solution to the problem of the Palestinians, Muslim and Christian alike. All of Furedi's Spiked team have outed themselves as Israeli shills in recent weeks, alongside Farage and GB News. They're all it it!

One final point for people who might think that Farage and Furedi are real traditionalists: Furedi's wife, Anne, has for decades been the UK's leading abortionist. For many years the head of the badly misnamed British Pregnancy Advisory Service, she is probably responsible for the deaths of more baby Britons that anyone except David Steele, who steered the 1967 Abortion Act through Parliament and thus became the instigator of Britain's very own Holocaust.


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