NHS staff offered training on BLM to tackle 'White Privilege'

NHS England staff are being offered training on Black Lives Matter (BLM) as part of a series of new 'diversity courses'.

Training covering 'white privilege', 'unconscious bias' and 'authentic allyship' have reportedly been put up on NHS People website - an online learning portal for the health service's staff.

One of the internal courses being offered is on the history, guiding principals and messages of Black Lives Matter.

Though the training is primarily about the wider BLM movement, the course contains a link to an interview with one of the founders of the controversial Black Lives Matter group.

One of the group's founders, Patrisse Cullors - who has since quit - previously described herself and fellow co-founder Alicia Garza as 'trained Marxists'.

The group has also described one of its key objectives as being to 'defund the police'.

The news has sparked fury from taxpayers' groups, who have accused the NHS of 'wasting money on woke causes'.

In the course, BLM is reportedly described as a 'healing' movement that works to 'eradicate white supremacy'.

The course reportedly describes BLM as having a 'prime focus to expose and challenge anti-blackness in its multiple manifestations'.

Meanwhile, NHS staff are reportedly being urged to look at NHS policies through a 'BLM lens' and that this would be 'useful' in 'fueling better racial equity in the health service'.

The training says: 'BLM's philosophy would encourage the NHS to critically evaluate its organisations and practices to address the systemic barriers which have retained and relegated BME nurses to the lower tiers of the nursing hierarchy for decades.'

However, while the sessions is said to focus on the BLM movement, which aims to tackle racial inequality, it also contains mention of the Black Lives Matter group, whose views have proved controversial.

Co-founder of the US BLM group, Ms Cullours (pictured below with a sample of her property portfolio), described herself and fellow co-founder Ms Garza, as 'trained Marxists' in a 2015 interview.  

She said: 'We do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia, in particular, are trained organizers; we are trained Marxists. 

'We are superversed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think what we really try to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many Black folks.' 

She resigned earlier in May this year as executive director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation - a role she had held for nearly six years - amid controversy over her property portfolio.

Her departure came after it was revealed last month that she has amassed a $3million (£2.1million) property portfolio, despite describing herself as 'trained Marxist'.

The UK Black Lives Matter group (UKBLM) - which organised a number of BLM marches last year and raised more than £1.2million through crowdfunding - denies that it is a 'Marxist organisation'.

Instead, it describes itself as 'anti-capitalist' and says it has 'Marxist members'.

Alongside the BLM course, there are also reported to be courses 'what is white privilege' and 'the importance of understanding your personal privilege'. 

In another of the four NHS People diversity courses, medics are warned: 'You may lose 'friends' as you commit to anti-racist allyship'. 

The course reportedly adds: 'To become authentic allies who will be in the struggle for the long haul, white people will need to deliberately and honestly work on understanding white culture and white privilege.' 

It comes after Health Secretary Sajid Javid promised earlier this month he would be 'watchful for any waste' of the £12 billion a year tax revenue on the NHS.

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