NHS Pregnancy App is Woke

An NHS pregnancy app that asks mothers-to-be for their ‘preferred pronouns’ is just another example of the NHS ‘imposing gender ideology’, a prominent women’s rights campaigner has said.

Maya Forstater, Executive Director of Sex Matters, criticised the NHS for adopting ‘Badger Notes’ – an online system reportedly used to support 60 per cent of pregnancies in the UK.

The app, developed by System C, allows NHS providers to ask pregnant women whether their gender is the same as “registered at birth” and if they are “female”, “male”, “non-binary” or “gender fluid”.

Forstater said the app “bakes in activist assumptions” and questioned why everyone should be presented “with an ideological question that will mean nothing to most patients”.

But last month, Dr Binta Sultan – the first NHS Consultant in ‘Inclusion Health’ – backed the introduction of more ‘gender categories’.

An NHS England spokesman said: “NHS England did not develop this app. The NHS expects language in any service our patients use to be inclusive of women and respectful to everybody.”

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust also recently came under fire for compelling staff to endorse radical gender ideology under its internal trans policy.

The guidance, introduced last year and set to run until 2026, directs staff to apologise for ‘misgendering’ patients who claim to be the opposite sex.

Heather Binning, of Women’s Rights Network, accused the Trust of “incorrectly” interpreting UK law and “bullying” NHS staff into compliance.

A spokesman for the Trust said it was “proud” of its trans policy and that its aim was to ensure trans patients are treated with “the same high level of dignity and respect offered to all patients”.

Remember: This is after years of rule by the so-called "Conservatives". Imagine how things are going to get even worse under Starmer's New Labour Mk 2.

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