Land of Hope and Glory reaches number 1 in charts

THE BBC has been mocked after Land of Hope and Glory reached the top of the iTunes chart following a backlash over the broadcaster's decision to perform the patriotic song without lyrics at the Last Night of the Proms.

British Police OFFICIALLY lose their marbles!

Two UK police forces have been slammed after they refusing job applications from candidates who ­believe people cannot change biological sex.

British Border Police Aid Invasion

Thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing the Channel from France every month - and the UK Border Force is actively helping the invasion.

UK Net Immigration Rises to 313,000

Net immigration reached an estimated 313,000 in the year to March 2019, leaving the Conservatives’ pledge to reduce the migrant inflow even further from being realised.

BBC Chief Compares Britons’ Patriotism to Nazi Gas Chambers

A BBC executive producer said that singing the words of the patriotic British song Rule, Britannia! is akin to neo-Nazis singing about gas chambers.

Sky Sports sacks 3 'middle-aged white guys' after BLM pressure

Sinn Fien delay of Troubles pension ruled 'unlawful'

British Freedom Party