MSM Disappointed Over Burnings Arrest

You can sense their bitter disappointment! For days now, the mainstream media have been pushing reports of two very nasty attacks in which elderly Muslim men on their way home from mosques have been set on fire. A man is said to have sprayed a substance on two men and set it alight in separate incidents in Ealing, west London, on February 27, and in Birmingham on March 20. 

The reports made no attempt at giving a description of the assailant, but the implication was that this could well be the beginnings of a hate crime campaign by some white racist Islamophobe.

If that had turned out to be the case, we wouldn't have heard the end of it for months but, today, an arrest of the alleged perpetrator has brought that propaganda juggernaut to a grinding halt before it even got going. A man has now been charged with two counts of attempted murder after two men were doused in fluid and set on fire outside mosques.

West Midlands Police say Mohammed Abbkr, 28, from Edgbaston in Birmingham, will appear at Coventry Magistrates' Court later today.

Which means, of course, that the story will rapidly vanish from sight. This golden opportunity to stoke up anti-white hatred and demonise 'white racism' has gone. The chance has gone to highlight a rare example of violent racism by the native Brits, in an effort to deflect attention from the far more common problem of racist attacks ON Native Brits.

So it's a good day for law and order, and an even better one for Muslims who might genuinely have feared for their safety. But its a bad day for liberal journalists, who will have to go hunting for a new way to push their own racist agenda against people like us.


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