Migrant Hotel Protest VICTORY

A victory for the People over the elite and their replacement agenda. It's all too rare, but it just happened in Llanelli, thanks to a well-organised and determined protest by hundreds of local people.

Protesters are claiming victory after a siege ended at the top hotel, which was due to take in more than 200 unvetted asylum seekers.

The four-star Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli, South Wales, which sacked its staff after gaining the Home Office contract, has been surrounded for days by demonstrators who blocked off the two main entrances, trapping six security workers inside.

Police met with the protesters to ask them to give the guards - all ex-military - safe passage away from the hotel. They agreed and the security workers left peacefully as the mob chanted 'Cheerio, cheerio cheerio.'

Protest spokesman Stan Robinson told Mail Online: 'It's 1-0 to us - we won the battle but the war goes on. The protest will continue until this stupid idea is halted, although it may be scaled down now there is no one left inside the hotel.' 

Demonstrators won a second victory when the local council ordered builders to halt the construction of a new entrance to the hotel as it investigates a potential breach of planning rules. 

Local landowners withdrew a previous access agreement to the front of the hotel and left large boulders and metal railings blocking its two main entrances. 

Labourers began constructing a makeshift route through a hedge, but Carmarthenshire Council yesterday issued a temporary stop notice for this work. It will last for 28 days as officials investigate an alleged breach of planning rules.

This means that the protesters can't relax too much. They have only won a temporary reprieve for their community so far. Local councils receive large sums of (our tax) money for every asylum-seeker they take, so there's a big incentive for them to sell out local people. Plus, of course, ALL the main parties support mass immigration and the move to push more and more of the new arrivals into small towns and rural areas. It will take a great deal more than one welcome temporary victory in Llanelli to stop that!

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