Met Police Grooming Failures EXPOSED

The Met Police has joined the long list of police forces named and shamed for failing the young victims of grooming gangs.

Britain's biggest police force has spent years 'victim-blaming' children for the abuse they have suffered at the hands of sexual predators, a watchdog warned yesterday.

A devastating report has revealed how Scotland Yard is failing to tackle child sex offenders, with officers blaming teenage girls instead for being 'promiscuous', claiming 'it's the child's choice' when they are abused by gangs of older men.

The report by His Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) found vulnerable youngsters are being put at risk because the force 'doesn't effectively understand the nature and scale of child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation in London'.

The Met knew the report was coming and immediately admitted that everything said about its disgusting failures is true. Commander Kevin Southworth, who leads the Met's work on public protection, apologised to the children and families it had let down and stressed it was taking steps to improve.

The report reminds us yet again of the pathetic cowardice, not just of the police, but also of the politicians and media. We all know why they have spent so long running scared of confronting the grooming gangs. So while their promises to do better in future are welcome, the truth is that the effective protection of our children from sexual predators is in our own hands. If we truly want it stopped, we need to organise our own communities to stop it!


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