Media Treat Us All Like Mushrooms!

The lying, fake new media treat us all like mushrooms - they keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit!

Whatever you think of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, this morning's speech by Vladimir Putin was a very important event. We all have the right - and a need - to be able to listen to what the Russian President is saying.

So the utterly ridiculous automatic captions used by YouTube, and presented by various Western 'news outlets' as legitimate this morning were not so much an insult to Putin, but to YOU.

The Daily Telegraph - one of the most important and formerly respected newspapers in the English-speaking world - was just one of the supposedly serious news outlets to run the speech with YouTube's gibberish captions. Several hours later, long after they had time to obtain and post a genuine transcript, the fake news Telegraph continued to keep its non-Russian speaking audience in total ignorance of what President Putin actually said.

Some time in the afternoon, long after they could have published the transcript of the speech, the Telegraph dealt with rising criticism of their handling of the affair by turning off the subtitles and informing us that they would not be translating the speech at all.

No doubt they will, as usual, describe it as 'rambling', 'bizarre' and other. In fact, the speech was a level-headed, coherent and powerful explanation of the Russian position, both on the war itself and on the broad background to it.

For key main media outlets to refuse to allow the public to read the speech and make up their own minds as to the rights and wrongs of the conflict is thus a total disgrace - but sadly not a surprise. They're not called the 'lying press' for nothing!

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