Meat-Free Mania Threatens Our Kids

Meat-free and especially vegan diets are proven to be dangerous - particularly for growing children, who need meat, dairy and eggs for the protein that's vital to health and growth. But as well as poisoning their minds with LGBTQ propaganda, the Woke Brigade are increasingly attacking their bodies by taking animal proteins off the school dinner menu.

Among the leftist councils to blame are Exeter City Council, which has set itself a target to have fully vegan catering by the end of May. Labour-controlled Lewisham council has expanded food options in schools to impose a meat free day every week. Meanwhile, authorities including Norwich City Council and Edinburgh City Council have already voted to back the international Plant-Based Treaty. 

Critics have accused councillors of pursuing 'anti-livestock farming' policies, as the international treaty promotes meat taxes and plant-based meals in schools.It is, needless to say, being promoted by the World Economic Forum and bug protein profiteer Bill Gates.

The Countryside Alliance warned that the new plant-based international treaty signed by several councils in the UK that promotes taxes on meat and bans the expansion of farms is a threat to British agriculture. 

Blasting the initiative, Sir Robert Goodwill, chairman of the environment, food and rural affairs select committee, called the measure a 'slap in the face for British farmers' who 'face the toughest time producing the best lamb and beef in the world'. 

The Tory MP told the Times: 'There's nothing wrong with vegetarian food but we need a balanced diet which does include meat and dairy.

'Meat is high in iron; milk, dairy products are high in vitamins. And we don't want children, some of them from poorer backgrounds who don't get a decent meal at home, not getting a decent meal at school either.'

The storm involving vegan councils has been brewing for a while with Oxford City Council's decision to ban all meat products from meetings and provide 'plant based options' for town hall events branded a 'kneejerk reaction' and a kick in the teeth for farmers' earlier this year. 

The motion was proposed by Labour Party councillor Paula Dunne, following in the footsteps of of Oxfordshire County Council, which became the first authority to do so in December 2021.

At the time, there was a fierce backlash from Oxfordshire farmers and Jeremy Clarkson branded the policy 'utter, utter madness'.

Despite such complaints, this new form of child abuse is spreading. At a full Oxford City Council meeting in March, the council unanimously voted in favour of 'following Oxfordshire County Council's lead by ensuring that food provided for internal councillor events are entirely plant based'.

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