Lights Off - Knives Out!

What's going to happen in 'diverse' London, 'vibrant' Birmingham and all our other 'enriched' cities and towns when the political elite's green agenda and self-harming Ukraine sanctions cause the lights to go out this winter?

West London got a sneak preview last night when the lights went out in an over-crowded asylum centre.

The 'disturbance' involving around 100 people armed with knives and various other weapons took place at a migrant detention centre near Heathrow Airport after a power outage left the site with no electricity or water.

It has been reported that riot police descended on the scene at Harmondsworth Immigration Detention Centre in West Drayton, Middlesex, after 100 people broke into the courtyard of the centre in the early hours of this morning.

Reports suggest they were armed with knives and pieces of wood. No injuries have been reported to staff or detainees.

Harmondsworth has been without power or water since yesterday, it is reported, in the latest sign of poor conditions at the UK's asylum and immigration centres. 

The Met Police were initially called to the scene at 7.45pm. Officers from the National Tactical Response Group (NTRG) and Met's Territorial Support Police, as well as fire and rescue workers were also called to the scene. 

At present the place is described as 'calm', since even the serially incompetent MET has enough officers to put the lid on trouble involving 100 troublemakers isolated in an asylum centre. It's going to be VERY different when the power starts going off across entire cities!

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