Khan's Notting Hill Street Party 'Unsustainable'

Once again, the so-called Notting Hill Carnival turned into an orgy of degeneracy and violence. Shocking footage from the bank holiday weekend show revellers armed with huge machetes in the street in front of crowds of people in broad daylight. 

Two men are in a critical condition after being stabbed. Police say eight people were stabbed on Monday in just a matter of hours. 

A Met Police union boss has said the level of violence at Notting Hill carnival has become 'unacceptable and unsustainable', as one officer was sexually assaulted and six others were reportedly bitten.      

The Metropolitan Police said it made 308 arrests across Sunday and Monday and more than 50 officer were assaulted by being kicked, punched, spat on, bitten, head-butted and even urinated on from upper floor windows.

'You can’t have it that every single year come Tuesday morning we’re contemplating these types of injuries, this numbers of injuries and sexual assaults and stabbings. It really is awful,' Vice Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, Rick Prior told The Telegraph. 

He was backed up by Ken Marsh, Chairman of the federation which represents rank-and-file officers: 'How is it that the police, every August Bank Holiday weekend, rock up and have dozens assaulted? Tell me anywhere in the world where that happens?

'Unfortunately we have a mayor [Sadiq Khan] who tells everyone it [the carnival] is amazing, is the footprint of London and everyone needs to accept it, full stop,' he told The Times. 

The Metropolitan Police Federation says it is aware of 75 incidents of officers being attacked, branding the incidents 'absolutely disgusting'.

Some Tories responded by suggesting the 'Carnival' should be moved to a park. We say: It should be BANNED! Sign the Petition if you agree!

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