Jayda Fransen: 'Why I'm standing in Wakefield by-election'

A personal message from British Freedom Party leader, Jayda Fransen:

I am sure you saw that ANOTHER elected official has been convicted for sexually assaulting a child.

I am bloody sick of this and I am sure YOU are too!

A Muslim, Homosexual, Tory MP, Imran Ahmad Khan has been convicted of groping a 15-year-old boy. Just imagine this was YOUR son or YOUR grandson?

There is no point in getting angry, we need to STRIKE BACK at the rotten perverted Political Elites and hit them where it hurts… IN THE BALLOTS!

This is a dark and evil trend that seems to run deep in the British Establishment. I will fight these vile perverts but I need YOUR help. I need to know you will back me?

There are now countless MPs, Councillors, even Lords who have been found guilty of paedophilia and I think it is time I went after them! All you need to do is give ME the tools and I will do the job on behalf of our beleaguered British people. Are you in?

I have put myself forward to stand in the upcoming by-election in the VERY SEAT that was held by this latest convicted Government paedophile, Imran Khan. I will take the flak, the media aggro, the INEVITABLE attacks, but I need solid patriots to back my campaign.

As you know I dedicated years of my life campaigning against child abuse and grooming and I will NEVER abandon OUR people or leave them at the mercy of these filthy degenerate perverts…NEVER!

I was even JAILED for EXPOSING a rape gang... but that won’t stop me speaking out if I have YOUR backing, are YOU with me or not?

I will do ALL the heavy lifting, but I need your financial support, or I just can’t do it. £20, £50, indeed ANY contribution will help our people FIGHT BACK against the DEPRAVED Imran Ahmad Khans of this world.

Please chip in whatever you can to help me make this happen and defend our children's innocence!

Remember, it could be YOUR child one day so let us fight these monsters NOW to protect and defend our own loved ones AND our fellow British patriots’ children.

You know the scale of this issue, we both know how revolting theses child molesters are and how they target OUR kids, so doing NOTHING is NOT an option for any self-respecting, decent British man or woman - so please stand shoulder to shoulder with me as I go into battle against the scum.

Our Battle cry of No Surrender to the Peado gangs will ring loud in their ears I promise you, but I need you to play YOUR part by chipping into our Election Fighting fund NOW!

Will YOU join the Fightback against the Perverted Establishment and back me? I hope you do and, may I just say, thank you in advance. UNITED WE STAND!

Yours sincerely,

Jayda Fransen

British Freedom Party Leader

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