Is British History Now a Closed Book?

A growing number of Brits believe that our country has no future. Given the treachery and uselessness of our ruling elite, that's no surprise. But we also appear to be losing our past. It's either that, or the ever-growing number of foreigners in the country have absolutely zero interest in the country we're told they have built for us and are going to keep on running as they work to pay our pensions.

The survey asked ten-year-old schoolchildren to compile a list of history questions they could answer.

These questions were then put to 1,000 adults in research for online booking service Trainline.

A quarter of the adults asked could not list the years in which the First World War took place. 3% believe that the victor in the Battle of Hastings was Robin Hood and 2 per cent think it was won by French emperor Napoleon.

When asked about the Black Death, 23 per cent did not know that rat fleas carried the disease, while 2 per cent said that it was spread and carried by dogs.

Almost 40 per cent did not know that the Romans were responsible for building Hadrian's Wall, while almost a third could not name the year of the Great Fire of London.

The findings come after a drop in visits to historical sites. According to Trainline data, 6.7million Britons have yet to set foot on a historical site, and the visitor numbers remain 11 per cent below pre-pandemic levels.


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