Immigration - Don't Be Fooled by Tory Lies

Rishi Sunak claims to be getting on top of mass immigration, but the true figures confirm that he's LYING yet again.

Net legal migration – the number of people moving to Britain minus those leaving – did drop last year, to 'only' 685,000, but that was from a record 764,000 in 2022 to 685,000.

But data from the Office for National Statistics shows that the fall maks a huge overall leap since 2019. We're being replaced faster than ever under the Tories.

Experts say it is driven by fewer foreign students arriving as well as more people emigrating, but noted that immigration remains 'unusually high' and above pre-Covid levels.

All the fuss about a few tens of thousands arriving illegally by small boats is just camouflage designed to take public attention away from the far greater problem of 'legal' migration. By far the largest sources for this swamping flood are now India and Nigeria.

People who fall for the Zionist lie that it's only Muslim immigration that's a problem need to look at the graph. Out of the top ten sources of legal migration, only two - Pakistan and Bangladesh - are Muslim countries. Their combined total of 166,000 is of course 166,000 too many, but it's dwarfed by the top ten total of 685,000.

Truth is, we neither want no need ANY of them. But we'll get a lot more, which side of the Uniparty wins on July 4th, and the System is designed and run to ensure that there is no possibility of any other result. If immigration worries you - and it should - then you need to stop pretending anyone is going to sort it out, and set to work on ways to ensure that your family and the community in which you decide to live are as insulated and protected as much as is possible from the coming storm. you cannot do more than that, and you must not do less.

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