Hungarian Government Silenced by Twitter

The official English language Twitter account of the Hungarian government was temporarily suspended on Wednesday, with no explanation yet given.

The official spokesman for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Zoltán Kovács took to Twitter himself to decry the outage, and noted the timing of the event, as it came as the European Union launched a new report on the rule of law across Europe on Wednesday. Brussels and populist, conservatively minded nations like Hungary and Poland persistently lock horns over these issues, with Warsaw and Budapest citing states’ rights with the EU urging a continued move towards a more federated, globalist bloc.

Kovács said: “This is extremely interesting in view of the fact that the [EU Commission] will publish its first rule of law report today. It seems that the beautiful new world has finally arrived, in which tech giants are silencing those who hold different opinions. We have taken the necessary steps and are awaiting an official explanation from Twitter.”

The Hungarian government also blasted the EU’s Rule of Law Report on Wednesday, calling it fallacious and absurd, pointing out that the majority of contributing bodies to the paper on Hungary itself are funded by George Soros’s Open Societies Foundations. Budapest said in a statement seen by Breitbart London: “The choice of sources in the report is biased and non-transparent.

“It is unacceptable for the Commission’s Rule of Law Report to be written by organisations forming part of a centrally financed international network engaged in a coordinated political campaign against Hungary. The Hungarian chapter makes reference to twelve “civil society organisations”, eleven of which have in recent years received financial support from the Open Society Foundations linked to Mr. Soros.

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