Humza Yusef - Baby Killer!

Scottish nationalists have selected a politician committed to legalising abortion up to birth as the leader of the country’s governing party.

Humza Yousaf wants to kill Scottish babies. Yes, you read that right. The leader of Scotland's SNP government wants to see abort-for-profit businesses and taxpayer-funded doctors using giant syringes to punch holes in babies' heads and suck out their brains, or use heavy forceps to crush their skulls.

He and other supporters of this Satanic barbarism say it is not 'infanticide' as long as the doomed child's head is still just inside her mother, even though she has almost been born. Needless to say, a little baby is just as capable of feeling pain while still in her mother's womb waiting to be born as after delivery.

Yousaf has promised to bring forward abortion decriminalisation proposals in the “current parliament term”. His plan would mean abortion up to birth and for any reason.

At present, the procedure is permitted under the 1967 Abortion Act only within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy and thereafter 'only' to end the lives of babies with disabilities.

The proposed change to the law would leave Scotland with one of the most extreme abortion regimes in the world. In the European Union, the most common abortion time limit among EU countries is 12 weeks. 

Removing abortion from the criminal law would introduce abortion on demand, for any reason, up to birth in Scotland, along with legalising sex-selective abortion. Abortion would be available on demand, for any reason, right through to birth. This means abortion throughout the whole of pregnancy.

Polling shows that this extreme proposal is not supported by women, with only one per cent of women wanting the abortion time limit to be increased right through to birth.


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