How's Your Gen Z Slang?

How's your Gen Z slang? Or perhaps you scorn the very idea of listening to unintelligible teens?

Well, we certainly find the widespread tendency of young Brits to sound like immigrants deeply disturbing. The old London accent is being replaced by a sort of occupation dialect - ugly, simplistic and alien.

But as for slang, every generation has its own; after all, 1960s teen slang was so influenced by hippy-speak that the older generation were often left completely bamboozled.

So just in case you need to converse with a teenager, here's the list of meanings of their most common slang words. The very first, however, reminds us that they're not as different as they may like to think. "What's your beef?" was, after all, a perfectly normal slang question decades ago, with 'beef' there meaning 'reason for disagreement'.

In the end, no matter how they sound, if they are of indigenous British stock they are second class citizens just like their older counterparts. And however much they may strive to sound like feral, multicult 'yout', they'll still be hated for their skin colour and heritage. The sooner they learn that, the safer they'll be, and the quicker they'll go back to talking so we can understand each othr!

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