House Our People FIRST!

Thousands of British families are being left homeless because the Home Office is paying over the odds for rental properties to accommodate boat migrants. Councils are being outbid as vast sums of taxpayers' money are paid to private landlords to put up new arrivals from Calais in flats and houses. 

Meanwhile, homeless Britons are forced to languish in hotel rooms for months on end.

Council bosses say they are unable to compete with these tactics because they are set a specific rental budget by the Government known as the Local Housing Allowance, which has not risen since 2020, despite soaring rent prices. 

Single mother-of-three Michaela Prudence (pictured) – who has been stuck in a hotel for the past five months – tells of her anger at the Home Office for gazumping councils for scarce rental properties.

The 32-year-old has been living at a Travelodge with her two sons aged 14 and 11 and ten-month-old daughter, since she was evicted from her previous house after the landlord raised the rent. 

Bosses at Enfield Council have been unable to find her a home locally and even asked if she would move to Leeds, but she refused as her eldest son is starting his GCSEs.

She said: 'The Government keeps promising to house all these people that are coming from overseas, but they can't even house their own. 

'It's not fair at all, I was born here, I was raised here. It's like I just don't exist any more.'

There are an estimated 100,000 homeless households who are kept in emergency accommodation – the highest figure in 20 years.

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