Holy Monday - Cursing and Cleansing VIDEO

Every day of Holy Week has some special, separate significance. But if you look at the accounts of Holy Week put out these days by many supposedly Christian groups and churches, Monday seems to be a blank. Should it be and, if not, why is it?

The answer is that Holy Monday saw Jesus do two very significant things, but because they are 'politically incorrect' in these woke times, the liberal heretics are trying to pretend they never happened.

First, Jesus cursed a barren fig tree. In the Old Testament, the people of Israel are sometimes represented as figs on a fig tree (Hosea 9:10, Jeremiah 24), or a fig tree that bears no fruit (Jeremiah 8:13),  The cursing of the fig tree in Mark and Matthew and the parallel story in Luke are thus symbolically directed against the Jews, who did not accept Jesus as king. It is thus absolutely central to the ending of the old covenant, between God and the Jews, and the creation of the New Covenant, between God and all peoples who belong to His church.

From then on, the Chosen People were not the Jews, but the faithful members of the Christian church. No Wonder the greedy, heretical evangelists and all the other grifters are so keen to forget this event! 

John McEvilly gives a traditional interpretation in his Gospel commentary, writing that the episode can be regarded as a prophetic parable. And that Jesus had previously performed all His miracles as proof of "His merciful benevolence", but now also He confirms the faith of His disciples, instead by displaying the rigours of His justice. In cursing the fig-tree, He shows "His justice on the sinners who bring forth not the expected fruits of grace." Since even though a person should only expect fruit from a tree in its season, God by contrast always has the right to expect from us the fruits of righteousness and piety. McEvilly further states that "in punishment of our sterility, God will strike us with still greater spiritual barrenness and decay."

The second event was far more dramatic, and reinforces the point. Jesus sat down and spent several hours making a scourging cord, braiding together a heavy, ferocious whip. Then he marched with it into the Temple and drove the money-changers. loan-sharks and merchants out of His Father's house. Since they were all licenced by the Temple authorities, this was Jesus going head-to-head with the rabbinical elite. Matthew, Mark, and Luke agree that this is the event that functioned as the 'trigger' for Jesus' death.

The fact that Jewish used violence against evil and corruption is of course at odds with the liberal interpretation of Christianity a a religion of softness and sentimental 'tolerance'. So here too it is no surprise that the events of Holy Monday have been shoved down the Memory Hole.


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