Hindu Sex Slavery - SHOCKING TRUTH

The controlled media present Hinduism as a rather odd but harmless religion of elephant-headed idols, garlands of flowers and holy cows. The truth is very different. Despite repeated efforts by successive British Raj and since then Indian governments to clean things up, the dark and thoroughly evil aspects of this ancient religion persist in many areas.

These include cannibal priests, child sacrifice and the 'religious' prostitution of hundreds of thousands of young girls. Little girls as young as eight years old are dedicated to a Hindu deity, then hired out to 'worshippers' to rape in the temples. The sexual abuse goes on until the women are too old or diseased to bring in any more money or gifts.

The girls are known as Devadasis, and the disgusting practice of ritual forced prostitution has gone on for at least 1,500 years. It is still common in the southern states of India, despite the Indian government ordering local state regimes to outlaw it.

The practice was outlawed in the state of Karnataka back in 1982, and India's top court has described the devotion of young girls to temples as 'evil'.

Campaigners, however, say that young girls are still secretly inducted into devadasi orders.

Four decades after the state ban, there are still more than 70,000 devadasis in Karnataka, India's human rights commission wrote last year. The commission ordered Karnataka and several other Indian states to outline what they were doing to prevent the practice, after a media investigation found that devadasi inductions were still widespread.

A typical case in the state is that of Huvakka Bhimappa. Her years of sexual servitude began when her uncle took her virginity, raping her in exchange for a saree and some jewellery. Bhimappa was not yet ten years old when she became a 'devadasi' – girls coerced by their parents into an elaborate wedding ritual with a Hindu deity, many of whom are then forced into illegal prostitution.

Girls are commonly seen as burdensome and costly in India due to the tradition of wedding dowries.

By forcing daughters to become devadasis, poorer families gain a source of income and avoid the costs of marrying them off.

Many households around the small southern town of Saundatti – home to a revered Yellamma temple – believe that having a family member in the order can lift their fortunes or cure the illness of a loved one.

It was at this temple that Sitavva D. Jodatti was forced to marry the goddess when she was eight years old.

Her sisters had all married other men, and her parents decided to dedicate her to Yellamma in order to provide for them.

The stigma around their pasts means women who leave their devadasi order often endure lives as outcasts or objects of ridicule, and few ever marry.

It is unknown whether the practice is carried out in any temples in Britain. Given its association with backward religious areas, it may not have done. But given the way in which Indian levels of corruption now infest Britain, it would not be a surprise. Likewise, we would expect the UK's pathetic woke police forces to turn a blind eye to the evil if it does emerge.

Just as with the grooming scandal among Muslims and the moves to 'legitimise' paedophiles in our community as 'Minor Attracted Persons', its innocent little girls and boys who pay for price for official tolerance of such wickedness.

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