Have They Nothing Better to Do?

Furious villagers have blasted a 'disrespectful' council for sticking yellow 'unsafe memorial' tags on dozens of gravestones in a picturesque churchyard.

The bright yellow warning tags have been wrapped around 37 headstones, some of them brand new, at St Clement's Church in the pretty coastal village of Terrington St Clement, in Norfolk. 

Pictures show scores of gravestones with tags attached to a piece of rope wrapped around the headstone with bold black writing that reads: 'WARNING. Unsafe Memorial. Please do not attempt to remove this label. Please call the cemetery office for further information.' 

Local residents have laid into King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council saying it is health and safety 'gone mad'.

West Norfolk Borough Council inspected five cemeteries and found 900 of 8,000 memorials 'needed attention' to make them safe. 

The move comes at a time of ruthless cuts to all sorts of essential services, including for pensioners and children. "Have they really nothing better to do?" one local asked on Facebook, with many others echoing the sentiment.

Apart from the waste of time and money, the stunt also once again highlights the lack of respect that many in positions of authority now have for Christian beliefs and symbols.

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