Have Some Self-Respect - Dodge Diabetes

It's easy - and often fair - to blame the Covid jabs for the explosion in Sudden Deaths, but the health problems, amputations and early deaths that come from Diabetes are completely self-inflicted.

Britain's ballooning obesity levels have fuelled a staggering 39 per cent rise in type 2 diabetes among people under 40, with 168,000 Brits now living with the illness, a report has suggested.

The study, from Diabetes UK, said people face a more aggressive and acute form of diabetes when it develops at a younger age, with thousands of people and children living undiagnosed with the condition across the country.

The report argues 'drastic changes' over the last 25 years to the food people eat and the environments they live in are taking their toll.

Around two in three adults in the UK are obese or overweight, giving the country one of the highest obesity rates in Europe. 

Meanwhile, treating obesity-related illnesses currently costs the NHS a whopping £6billion per year - a figure which is predicted to rise to £10billion by 2050.

Fortunately, there's a solution, and it's entirely in your hands. Have some self-respect. Cut out the junk, eat healthier and eat less. Exercise more. That's all it takes. Just do it!

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