Hands Off Clarkson!

Love him or hate him, Jeremy Clarkson is a hugely popular British TV figure, so the big push by the Woke Brigade to force him off our screens is another sign of just how the prejudices of the liberal elite are having a truly chilling effect on freedom.

Clarkson spoke for millions of Brits when he made comments about the horrible anti-white racist bigot Meghan Markle and her ever-more ridiculous 'baby daddy' Harry 'the Whinge' Windsor.

The looming cancellation of the Grand Tour star by Hollywood giant Amazon mean that there is very little chance of ITV standing by the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host.

The channel has already delayed the filming of Millionaire celebrity specials due this month and said they have no 'commitments' to further editions of the hit quiz show following the next, already-commissioned run.

No doubt an inoffensive and utterly boring ITV droid like Ben Shephard or Ranvir Singh will soon end up being drafted in as the next host.

In the meantime, Clarkson has been delivered a one-way ticket to Cancel Corner, joining Piers, Sharon Osbourne and any other hapless star of the mainstream media who dares to question proven compulsive liars Harry and Meghan.

Clarkson's exclusion from the entertainment industry, even as he clings on to his newspaper columns, is a major victory for Harry and Meghan who are no longer hiding their desire to 'change' and 'police' the British media 'devil'.

Apparently their popularity is even crashing now in America. It certainly evaporated completely here in Britain a long time ago. None of us would bat an eyelid if the pair of spoilt, low-IQ brats simply vanished in a puff of pink smoke. We can but dream......

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