Guardian Steals Our Asylum Exclusive!

They'll never admit it, but the ultra-liberal Guardian newspaper just STOLE an 'Exclusive' we ran here on 20th April! Their headline, published on Wednesday on shown here, claims that the story is their 'exclusive', but we first ran the genuine UK exclusive on this story last month, under the headline "Tory Bonfire of Asylum Rules".

Our report opened: 

"The treacherous Tories are plotting a bonfire of the rules which restrict the placing of asylum seekers in England and Wales.  This will unleash a huge new wave of UNLICENCED hostels for asylum seekers, over which local councils and the normal rules for multi-occupancy buildings have absolutely no control.

"The Sunak regime is doing this by quietly pushing through a new set of rules, which will make new asylum seeker occupation properties exempt from the safeguards and controls imposed on multi-occupancy properties by the Housing Act 2004.

"The sneak legislation will open up the whole of England and Wales to a new wave of uncontrolled asylum-profiteering by greedy and irresponsible private landlords. The offending ‘statutory instrument’ is The Houses in Multiple Occupation (Asylum-Seeker Accommodation) (England) Regulations 2023."

After setting out the relevant sections of the proposed legislation, we concluded:

"In simple English, this all means that landlords contracted with the Tory regime to house asylum seekers will not have to comply with the normal rules which are supposed to protect their tenants and the wider community. It’s a licence to open up every run-down block of flats, closed down hospital, mothballed Forces base and bankrupt hotel, and pack them to the rafters with unvetted illegal migrants.

"We’ve been specifically tipped off that plans are already afoot to take advantage of this Tory scam in the east Midlands town of Mansfield, but there is absolutely no doubt that landlords all over England and Wales are getting ready to take advantage of this new taxpayers’ cash bonanza. We expect the Tories to keep it all under wraps until after the local elections in May, but then watch the floodgates open!"

Our story was also run on the Knights Templar website on the same day, and tweeted by Nick Griffin, whose Twitter feed is still monitored by various mainstream journalists and media outlets. Including, of course, the thieving, lying Guardian!


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