Good Friday Mass Shut Down By London Covid Cops


A Good Friday service at a London church was shut down by police for allegedly 'breaching Covid rules' as worshippers were threatened with £200 fines.

Officers shut down the religious ceremony in Balham High Street, south London with footage showing an officer tell worshippers that the gathering is 'unlawful' and that they have to go home.

Meanwhile, just under five miles away at a crowded Parliament Square, thousands of protestors gathered at a 'Kill the Bill' rally chanting, banging drums and waving placards before scuffles broke out with police.

The Polish parish Parafia Chrystusa Krola — Christ the Believer — has issued a statement saying it believes police 'brutally exceeded their powers'.

It urged those present at the ceremony to file a formal complaint to the Metropolitan Police, adding: 'We asked the police authorities to explain the incident and we are waiting for their response.'

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