Gaza Protest Cenotaph Threat - the TRUTH

From Rishi Sunak to Tommy Robinson, Suella Braverman to Paul Golding, 'right-wing' fake 'patriots' and grifters are queuing up to denounce the threat by pro-Palestinian demonstrators to "desecrate the Cenotaph". The government end of this coalition is threatening to rush through a raft of new laws allowing them to ban demonstrators from flying certain flags, while the street grifters at the rough end are calling working class Brits to assemble to "guard the Cenotaph and the sacred Remembrance service".

It's all dramatic stuff. And it's all LIES!

The truth is that there is no such threat. there is going to be a pro-peace rally, and it is likely to be the biggest protest in London since the march against the Iraq War - a conflict also based on lies and media manipulation of popular emotion.

But it is going to be on Saturday, not on Sunday, so there is no chance of the Gaza protest impinging on the Remembrance Service. Further, the organisers have repeatedly stated that they have absolutely no intention of making their protest anywhere near the Cenotaph.

It is interesting to see the right-wing of Britain's Establishment suddenly getting all protective about the Cenotaph and excited about a fake 'Palestinian threat' to it. After all, for at least forty years, the politicians and media pundits currently expressing outrage did precisely NOTHING to protect a million British girls from Pakistani grooming gangs - other than to agree with the Labour party that anyone protesting about the scandal should be censored, smeared and jailed.

As British patriots, we do not like seeing huge numbers of Palestinian flags being paraded through our streets. But the right to assemble in the middle of London and fly whatever flag you want to buy and wave about is actually one of the freedoms for which the men commemorated at the Cenotaph supposedly gave their lives.

We also object to the Sunak regime forcing all government buildings to display the Israeli flag - and using our taxes to do so. If it's wrong to fly one foreign flag, then it's wrong to fly another one. Or if it's acceptable to display the Israeli one then the Palestinian one must be allowed as well.

Jewish terrorists have killed hundreds of British soldiers, whereas Palestinians have not, so there is a difference between the acceptability of the two flags, especially around Remembrance Day. But for simplicity's sake, they should be treated exactly the same: Neither should be flown from any official building under any circumstance, and however they are to be treated under British law, they must be treated equally.


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