Fake Archdeacon Spreading Hatred

A woman who poses as a Church of England Archdeacon has called for 'anti-whiteness' and the 'smashing of the patriarchy,'  but insists that her statement did not mean that she is anti-white' or 'anti-men'. 

The truth, of course, is that having 'respectable' figures in religion, politics and media calling for "anti-whiteness" is one of the factors which incites and 'legitimises' the crude anti-white racism which leads to discrimination and violence against innocent white people.

The Ven Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, who identifies as Archdeacon of Liverpool, said that after attending a conference on 'whiteness', she was prompted to reflect on race and gender.

The Archdeacon, who also runs a personal blog on topics of Christianity, history, feminism and poetry, concluded that 'whiteness is to race as patriarchy is to gender.' 

Writing on X, formerly known as Twitter, Threlfall-Holmes wrote: 'I went to a conference on whiteness last autumn. 

'It was very good, very interesting and made me realise: whiteness is to race as patriarchy is to gender. 

'So yes, let’s have anti whiteness, & let’s smash the patriarchy. That’s not anti-white, or anti-men, it’s anti-oppression.'

Imagine if someone in public life said something like: "Blackness is to race as homosexuality is to paedophilia. So let's have anti-blackness and suppress homosexuality". Even a member of a favoured species, such as feminist fake vicars, would be hounded out of office before the day was out. As it is, the most likely thing of Threlfall-Holmes is promotion.

It all highlights yet again the anti-Christian decadence of the modern Church of England, and the institutionalised anti-white racism which is corroding public life.

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