Export Boom Exposes Remoaner Lies

Remember the Remainers deluging us with fear porn about how a post-Brexit Britain would suffer a devastating collapse in exports? Well, the Remoaner lies have been exposed by the latest trade statistics. Britain has become the world's fourth largest exporter, fresh figures show. So much for international trade failling off a cliff is we dared to vote the wrong way!

The UK has shot up from its previous ranking of seventh in 2021, United Nations data has shown, rising three places in 2022, the most recent year available.

In doing so, it has overtaken France, the Netherlands and Japan in the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) statistics for goods and services exports.

The recent growth has been driven by professional services, of which the UK reportedly exported £185 billion in 2023.

Miles Celic, CEO of TheCityUK, described the news as 'very encouraging', and told CityAM: 'The UK's strong export performance has been supercharged by services generally and the financial and related professional services industry in particular.

'Britain is the largest net exporter of financial services in the world, and the second largest exporter of financial services overall, behind only the US.'

What a pity w don't have a world-beating manufacturing and high-tech base. But the destruction of that is another story.....

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