EU put 9 month expiry date on Vaccine Passport for travel

The European Union is to recommend a nine-month expiry date on Covid vaccine passports for those looking to travel into the bloc.

Millions of people who have already taken two doses of the 'vaccine' will be told that the are no longer deemed to be vaccinated after a period of 9 months and will therefore require a booster jab to travel to EU countries.

Documents seen by Bloomberg state that EU member states should prioritise vaccinated travellers and continue to welcome those inoculated with doses approved by the EU.

The memo also calls for countries to reopen for fully-vaccinated tourists who have been jabbed with shots approved by the World Health Organisation from Jan 10.

The European Commission's proposals, which cover travel from outside the EU, also include a new time limit for the validity of Covid vaccines, suggesting boosters will be needed for holidaymakers who had their second jabs more than nine months before their trip. 

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the move aims to make it easier to travel abroad.

He said: "We want to make it as easy as possible for people to show their vaccine status if they are travelling abroad.

"This update to the NHS Covid Pass will mean people can have their complete medical picture at their fingertips if they are going on holiday or seeing loved ones overseas.

"Getting a top-up jab is our best defence against this virus and I urge all those who are eligible to come forward and get boosted."

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