English Hero Memory Holed by Woke School

One of England's greatest naval heroes has been cancelled and shoved down the Orwellian Memory Hole by a woke school in multicultural South East London.

The Sir Francis Drake Primary School in Lewisham has been renamed as Twin Oaks School after a vote by its overwhelmingly non-English parents and staff to ditch the association with the Elizabethan seadog renowned for his key role in the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Drake was also the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe.

Drake's crime was to allegedly get involved in the slave trade in his later years. The news comes just as the Church of England has announced its plans to hand over a staggering £100 million in reparations payments for having accepted donations from others who profited from slavery. 

In both cases, of course, the slavery issue is blown up out of all proportion. It's a combination of shakedown and a cultural war against the English. Removing a people's heroes and heritage is a notorious part of many historic genocides.

Drake's alleged involvement in slavery needs to be put in the context of his times. For instance, straight after the defeat of the Armada, the crews of several of the English ships were found to have the deadly disease typhus. On the orders of the authorities (but not Drake), they were locked in the holds of their ships until they died. The times were brutal. Slavery was undoubtedly wrong and evil, but it involved not just Drake and other English navigators. The guilty also included African chiefs and kings, Arab and Jewish traders, and American Indians and free blacks as well as white slave owners.

Similarly, the Church of England also received many donations from wealthy landowners who had profited by stealing the folk-lands of the English peasantry and small farmers during the so-called Enclosures. If reparations are due to the descendants of slaves, then why are they also not due to the survivors of the wholesale theft of a third of the entire land of England, a crime which forced untold numbers of our ancestors into poverty, degradation, forced emigration and even death.

To single out only one group - white men and historically white institutions - as guilty of slavery and needing to pay reparations is to distort the historic reality. In the context of a multi-racial London school it also risks creating hatred and encouraging racist violence against the small minority of white English pupils. Slavery is a wrong from the distant past. Grifting and the encouragement of anti-English racism are wrongs in the present. We can do nothing about the first - and we should refuse to accept the latter.

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